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# Tapestry 5 Portlet Bridge Module - 5.4-alpha-1-SNAPSHOT
## Changelog
- 5.4-alpha-1-SNAPSHOT : Update to Tapestry 5.4-alpha-1 -> branch : master
- 5.3.2-SNAPSHOT : CookieSink & CookieSource
Update To Tapestry 5.3.5
- 5.3.1 : Adding templating, PortletApplicationScopePersistentFieldStrategy
- 5.3.1-SNAPSHOT : Update to Tapestry 5.3.4 -> branch : maint-5.3
- 5.3.0-SNAPSHOT : Update to Tapestry 5.3.3
- 5.2.0-SNAPSHOT : Update to Tapestry 5.2.6 -> branch : maint-5.2
If you want to see it in action, you just need to:
- Download the sources
- Go to the repository directory
- Run "mvn jetty:run"
- Open your browser to http://localhost:8080/tapestry5-portlet/portal/Index
If you are gradle user you can try:
- gradle jettyRun
This library is based on work of Markus Feindler, Le Xuan Trun and Kristina B. Taylor
(see for more details).
Like Felix Scheffer ( for more details),
we have updated the dependencies of this library to use Tapestry 5.2.6 and upper version
This library support:
- portlet event processing (JSR 286)
- serving ajax request as portlet resource (event name that start with serve or components declared in the PortletResourceResponseIdentifier service)
- rework on IdAllocator to avoid conflict for generated id when there is more than on tapestry portlet in a page.
- use of Apache Pluto to ease the test
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