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Angular 1.5+ ES6 & Component API Example App

Example Angular 1.5+ (ES6 + Components) codebase that adheres to the RealWorld spec and API.

View the demo application or learn how to build the application from scratch!

Getting started

  1. Clone repo
  2. npm install
  3. gulp

Make sure you have gulp installed globally (npm install -g gulp)

Making requests to the backend API

For convenience, we have a live API server running at for the application to make requests against. You can view the API spec here which contains all routes & responses for the server.

The source code for the backend server (available for Node, Rails and Django) can be found in the main RealWorld repo.

If you want to change the API URL to a local server, simply edit src/js/config/app.constants.js and change api to the local server's URL (i.e. localhost:3000/api)

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