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Django DRF Example App

Example Django DRF codebase containing real world examples (CRUD, auth, advanced patterns, etc) that adheres to the RealWorld API spec.

This repo is functionality complete — PR's and issues welcome!


  1. Clone this repository: git clone
  2. cd into conduit-django: cd productionready-django-api.
  3. Install pyenv.
  4. Install pyenv-virtualenv.
  5. Install Python 3.5.2: pyenv install 3.5.2.
  6. Create a new virtualenv called productionready: pyenv virtualenv 3.5.2 productionready.
  7. Set the local virtualenv to productionready: pyenv local productionready.
  8. Reload the pyenv environment: pyenv rehash.

If all went well then your command line prompt should now start with (productionready).

If your command line prompt does not start with (productionready) at this point, try running pyenv activate productionready or cd ../productionready-django-api.

If pyenv is still not working, visit us in the Thinkster Slack channel so we can help you out.