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Send emails and text messages to your users if you work in Australian government
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Notify is a service developed by the Digital Transformation Agency that helps government agencies communicate with their users.

This is the open source repository that encompasses all projects that make up Notify.

Running the things

We can orchestrate all of these projects by using a set of common Makefile conventions.

The targets that every sub-project should implement are:

  • install
  • install-dev
  • build
  • test
  • clean
  • deploy
  • deploy-dev
  • check-vulnerabilities

Issuing any of these commands at the root level will forward it on to all sub-projects. For example, you can set up and build every project by running

make install
make build

You can run all the tests of all projects by running

make install-dev
make test

You can also work with a specific project from the root level by prefixing the command with the project name, and a full stop separator.

For instance, running the API in dev mode is done with


Alternatively, you can change into the api directory and issue the make run command directly.

To start the whole app from nothing, you'll need to run the following in different shells.


... then hit up http://localhost:6012 to get going.

Optionally you can also run this target to run the scheduled tasks:



Different projects have different needs. Consult them individually to be sure.

Generally though, you'll need Python and pipenv for the frontend and backend.

You'll need Node.js for the frontend and docs,

And we've got a simple open source status page that's written in Ruby, but we don't usually run it locally.


Notify is based on GOV.UK Notify.

Thanks GDS team for providing Notify as an open source project that made it possible for us to build on a stable and reliable foundation.

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