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Free WordPress theme designed to meet the needs of government.
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fonts/font-awesome Update font-awesome to version 4.2.0.
images #89. Change logo image.
inc #72. Layout options.
js Update to grunt workflow.
languages #90. Additional styling for search widget in footer.
scss #90. Additional styling for search widget in footer.
templates Changing icon menu classes from 'icon-menu' to 'menu-icon' pattern to…
.csscomb.json Update to grunt workflow.
.gitignore Update to grunt workflow.
404.php Fix typo in WP_Query call on 404.
Gruntfile.js RTL support. #78. Support for editor styles.
archive.php Issue #26. IE8 compatibility.
comments.php Issue #28. Rename theme to GovPress.
content-none.php Issue #34. Improvements to the 404 and search pages.
content-page.php Issue #32. Update markup for homepage template.
content-single.php Issue #28. Rename theme to GovPress.
content.php Issue #28. Rename theme to GovPress.
editor-style.css #78. Support for editor styles.
footer.php Issue #31. Update footer link and theme URI.
functions.php #78. Support for editor styles.
header.php Issue #56. Add body classes for IE.
index.php Issue #26. IE8 compatibility.
package.json Version 1.3.0 update.
page.php #72. Remove custom functionality page parents.
screenshot.png #92. New screenshot.
search.php Issue #26. IE8 compatibility.
searchform.php Issue #26. IE8 compatibility.
sidebar-footer.php Issue #28. Rename theme to GovPress.
sidebar.php #72. Layout options.
single.php Issue #26. IE8 compatibility.
style-rtl.css #90. Additional styling for search widget in footer.
style.css #90. Additional styling for search widget in footer.


GovPress is a free WordPress theme designed for government use. Features include customized homepage, color customizations options, custom headers, multiple widget areas, and an optional icon navigation menu. Extensive documentation and recommended plugins can be found at GovPress. All code is peer reviewed and patches are welcome via GitHub.


GovPress Demo


  • Mobile-friendly and adapts to all devices (PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone)
  • Custom header and background images
  • Homepage, sidebar, footer widgets.
  • Easy to update content management system (WordPress).
  • No vendor lock-in so you can easily move your data at any time.


We'd love to have as many eyes on this project as possible. If you find a bug or something that can be improved please open an issue and/or submit a pull request.



  • Update: Theme description
  • Update: New screenshot
  • Update: Support for post thumbnails
  • Update: Support for editor styles


  • Fix: isset notice in customizer
  • Update: Bold headers (h1,h2,h3,etc)
  • Enhancement: Layout options


  • Enhancement: 404 page improvements
  • Enhancement: RTL Support
  • Enhancement: Styling updates for forms and inputs


  • Fix: Add sanitization for colors in the customizer


  • Enhancement: Czech translations (props @honyczek)
  • Update: FontAwesome 4.1.0
  • Enhancement: Use FitVids for responsive video
  • Update: Grunt workflow
  • Update: Minify scripts by default
  • Update: Use CSS comb to normalize style rules
  • Update: Add html classes for IE7 and IE8
  • Update: Change icon menu class from "icon-menu" to "menu-icon" (props @ethanteague)


  • Enhancement: Color customization options
  • Update: Hide content section on home page if the_content() is blank


  • Fix: Google font path to avoid issues with SSL sites


  • First official release
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