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fixed #2246
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jeanlf committed Sep 12, 2022
1 parent b6b6360 commit 4c77303
Showing 1 changed file with 3 additions and 3 deletions.
6 changes: 3 additions & 3 deletions applications/mp4box/filedump.c
Expand Up @@ -3358,9 +3358,9 @@ void DumpTrackInfo(GF_ISOFile *file, GF_ISOTrackID trackID, Bool full_dump, Bool
fprintf(stderr, "\t3GPP DIMS stream - size %d x %d - Profile %d - Level %d\n", w, h, dims.profile, dims.level);
fprintf(stderr, "\tpathComponents: %d - useFullRequestHost: %s\n", dims.pathComponents, dims.fullRequestHost ? "yes" : "no");
fprintf(stderr, "\tstream type: %s - redundant: %s\n", dims.streamType ? "primary" : "secondary", (dims.containsRedundant==1) ? "main" : ((dims.containsRedundant==2) ? "redundant" : "main+redundant") );
if (dims.textEncoding[0]) fprintf(stderr, "\ttext encoding %s\n", dims.textEncoding);
if (dims.contentEncoding[0]) fprintf(stderr, "\tcontent encoding %s\n", dims.contentEncoding);
if (dims.content_script_types) fprintf(stderr, "\tscript languages %s\n", dims.content_script_types);
if (dims.textEncoding && dims.textEncoding[0]) fprintf(stderr, "\ttext encoding %s\n", dims.textEncoding);
if (dims.contentEncoding && dims.contentEncoding[0]) fprintf(stderr, "\tcontent encoding %s\n", dims.contentEncoding);
if (dims.content_script_types && dims.content_script_types[0]) fprintf(stderr, "\tscript languages %s\n", dims.content_script_types);
} else if (mtype==GF_ISOM_MEDIA_HINT) {
u32 refTrack;
s32 refCount = gf_isom_get_reference_count(file, trackNum, GF_ISOM_REF_HINT);
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