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This repository is archived

Please follow development of the meta-scipy layer at

See this issue for more information.


This layer contains a recipe for building Scipy in the OpenEmbedded build system, as well as a series of patches and bbappend files necessary to build the recipe.

Table of Contents


This layer depends on:


Clone this repository with the tag or branch corresponding to your OpenEmbedded version and add it to your workspace. For example, if using warrior:

git clone -b warrior meta-scipy
bitbake-layers add-layer meta-scipy

You will also need to enable FORTRAN support by adding the following to your local.conf file:

FORTRAN_forcevariable = ",fortran"
RUNTIMETARGET_append_pn-gcc-runtime = " libquadmath"

If you're using a custom distribution, you can alternatively include the two above lines in your distro.conf file.


This repository serves as a community hub for a full OpenEmbedded Scipy solution. If you're able to get Scipy working for your platform or application, please consider contributing your changes. You can also update the wiki, which is publicly editable.

Contributions should be well-tested and should adhere to the OpenEmbedded style guide.