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This module updates the profiles.json file for the new Microsoft Terminal.


The module is available from the PowerShell Gallery and can be installed using PowerShellGet

Install-Module -Name MSTerminalSettings

I've been developing the module on PowerShell 6 but have been trying to ensure it will also run on Windows PowerShell 5.1.


This example downloads the Pandora color scheme from and sets it as the color scheme for the PowerShell Core terminal profile.

Invoke-RestMethod -Uri '' -OutFile .\Pandora.itermcolors

Import-Iterm2ColorScheme -Path .\Pandora.itermcolors -Name Pandora

Get-MSTerminalProfile -Name "PowerShell Core" | Set-MSTerminalProfile -ColorScheme Pandora

This example creates a new profile for the PowerShell 7 preview using the PowerShell Hero logo.

$TerminalFolder = Find-MSTerminalFolder
Invoke-RestMethod -Uri '' -OutFile "$TerminalFolder\StoreLogo-Preview.png"

$Pwsh7 = @{
    Name = "pwsh7-preview"
    CommandLine = 'C:\Program Files\PowerShell\7-preview\pwsh.exe'
    Icon = 'ms-appdata:///roaming/StoreLogo-Preview.png'
    ColorScheme = 'Campbell'
    FontFace = 'Consolas'
    StartingDirectory = '%USERPROFILE%'
New-MSTerminalProfile @Pwsh7

This example sets all your profiles to use a programming font. (Note the font must already be installed on your system)

Get-MSTerminalProfile | Set-MSTerminalProfile -FontFace "Fira Code Retina"
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