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Project Status

Current Release
Date of Release August 6, 2013
Next Release Milestone 1.7.0
Date of Next Release Spring 2016(?)
Status of Development Sporadic due to other priorities

Download WinHasher

The following links point to the latest version of the WinHasher download files hosted on Google Drive. The GnuPG signature and SHA-1 hash for each file can also be found below. Jeff's current GnuPG signature can be found here.

Download Type GnuPG Signature SHA-1 Hash Size
Windows Installer Signature 6620fae809b7fecb6dc18335065199d4a479cd88 389kb
Binaries w/o Installer Signature f5bc900380e3fb68f16f73e1dad4b867e3a34086 91kb
Source Archive Signature a8d7ff8f65415635900c418252f38191ae5da8b4 142kb

About WinHasher

WinHasher is a free, Open Source cryptographic hash or digest generator written in C# using Microsoft's .NET 2.0 Framework. It can be used to verify file download integrity, compare two or more files for modifications, and to some degree generate strong, unique passwords. (For password generation, we recommend our derivative project, Cryptnos for Windows and Android.)

Cryptographic hashing is readily available on many computer operating systems. It often comes built-in to the OS or as a (relatively) standard optional package. Mac OS, Linux, Free/OpenBSD, and many other OSes include OpenSSL as either a pre-installed or easily installable optional component. OpenSSL includes several command-line components for generating cryptographic hashes and there are number of graphical user interface (GUI) applications that allow point-and-click access to its capabilities.

Not so with Microsoft Windows. Windows does not include any built-in utilities for cryptographic hashes, and installing and using OpenSSL on Windows is not a trivial matter. The typical Windows user of today is much less familiar with the Windows Console (i.e. command line) let alone compiling software from source. And while cryptographic hashes are pretty much standard in programming libraries such as the Microsoft .NET Framework, the user is required to write and compile their own applications to use them.

This "hashing divide" has annoyed me for some time. While I consider myself to be an operating system agnostic and find myself equally home on both Windows and Linux, there are many times I've downloaded Windows-only software but didn't have the capability to verify the file's hash. Either I've been unable to install and run OpenSSL on a given machine, or I haven't had the time or access to a Linux box to copy the file over, generate the hash, and verify it before install. So I wanted to create a quick, simple, easy-to-use Windows app so I could get the hash of a file without waiting or moving it around. I also thought it would be a nice idea to be able to quickly compare the hashes of multiple files without having to generate each one and manually check every hexadecimal digit, so I added that functionality too. After writing the program, I thought it might be useful to others, so I decided to share.

For our full documentation, please see the project wiki.


Free cryptographic file hash generator for Windows (.NET 2.0)






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