The gphoto2 commandline tool for accessing and controlling digital cameras.
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What is gphoto2?

gphoto2 is a command-line frontend to libgphoto2.

Where can I find more information?

Visit the gphoto project web site. It should always be found at least at one of the following URLs:

The man page is in the file doc/gphoto2.1

How do I build it?

autoreconf -is  #If using SVN source
make install

Out-of-tree builds are supported. configure --help may help.

To build gphoto2 you will need besides the common build tools:

  • The libgphoto2 library.
  • The popt libraries (for commandline option handling), package named popt-devel or popt-dev


  • The EXIF library. (libexif-devel, libexif-dev or similar)
  • The JPEG library. (libjpeg-devel, libjpeg-dev, or jpeg-dev or similar)
  • The CDK library (for ncurses based configuration UI). (cdk-devel or similar)
  • The AALIB library (for ascii art rendering of previews). (aalib-devel or similar)

How do I test it?

make check

The test suite checks the installation and basic functionality of the gphoto2 program and the 'Directory Browse' libgphoto2 camera driver.