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##Nouveau PM Switch extension for Gnome Shell

Nouveau Perflvl Switcher is a small extension to switch among performance levels in Nouveau-supported cards.

It works when the card is primary or secondary, but not in SLI/Multicard configuration, as Nouveau doesn't support multicard setup (see Yet, nvidia optimus has to be tested with, so feedbacks of any type are kindly requested.

##Requirements In order to enable performance levels switchin in your kernel, you have to boot it with nouveau.perflvl_wr=7777 . This extensions uses policykit to gain root write access to the sysfs file (/sys/class/drm/cardX/performance_level), so there's no need to change write permission on the file (perhaps a full root authentication would be better).

##Debug Extension messages and debug informations can be found in ~/.xsession-errors. Just look for lines starting with "[nouveau pm switch]".

##Disclaimer Remember that card reclocking is NOT YET considered stable, so use performance level switching AT YOUR OWN RISK. This extension has been tested on a NV50 generation card (GeForce 9650mGT), and it should work flawlessly on newer cards, along with their power management support (Check for the state of support at

##Thanks and Credits Thanks goes to Francisco Pina Martins ( the author of "Radeon power profile manager" (, that I used as a starting point for the code), to Wikipedia, where I took the raster svg from ( and of course to the #nouveau team on freenode, for the funny conversations and suggestions.

##License: This software is licensed under the GPLv2.