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@@ -192,6 +192,49 @@ The ``podcastparser`` module
.. automodule:: podcastparser
Unsupported Namespaces
This is a list of podcast-related XML namespaces that are not yet
supported by podcastparser, but might be in the future.
Chapter Marks
- `rawvoice RSS`_: Rating, Frequency, Poster, WebM, MP4, Metamark (kind of chapter-like markers)
- `IGOR`_: Chapter Marks
.. _rawvoice RSS:
.. _IGOR:
- `libSYN RSS Extensions`_: contactPhone, contactEmail, contactTwitter, contactWebsite, wallpaper, pdf, background
- `Comment API`_: Comments to a given item (readable via RSS)
- `MVCB`_: Error Reports To Field (usually a mailto: link)
- `Syndication Module`_: Update period, frequency and base (for skipping updates)
- `Creative Commons RSS`_: Creative commons license for the content
- `Pheedo`_: Original link to website and original link to enclosure (without going through pheedo redirect)
- `WGS84`_: Geo-Coordinates per item
- `Conversations Network`_: Intro duration in milliseconds (for skipping the intro), ratings
- `purl DC Elements`_: dc:creator (author / creator of the podcast, possibly with e-mail address)
- `Tristana`_: tristana:self (canonical URL to feed)
- `Blip`_: Show name, show page, picture, username, language, rating, thumbnail_src, license
.. _libSYN RSS Extensions:
.. _Comment API:
.. _MVCB:
.. _Syndication Module:
.. _Creative Commons RSS:
.. _Pheedo:
.. _WGS84:
.. _Conversations Network:
.. _purl DC Elements:
.. _Tristana:
.. _Blip:
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