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The Web High-level Shading Language provides a human-writable, safe programming language for the WebGPU API.


  • Formally proven as safe for Web use e.g. the language forbids reading or writing to memory that shouldn't be accessible.
  • C-like syntax that is similar to Microsoft's HLSL, and thus compatible with the majority of the world's existing shaders.
  • Supports a restricted form of pointers.


The Examples directory has some WHLSL sample code.

Generating Output

We currently support Metal Shading Language as an output format, as well as a debug mode (JSON).

# Using JavaScriptCore
prompt> jsc -m Scripts/generate.mjs -- [json|msl|spirv-ass] file.whlsl

# Using Node JS
prompt> node --experimental-modules Scripts/generate.mjs [json|msl|spirv-ass] file.whlsl

You can get jsc by checking out and building WebKit or, if you're using macOS, it can be found in /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaScriptCore.framework/Resources/jsc.

Alternatively, load Source/json/JSON.html, Source/metal/MSL.html or Source/spirv/SPIRV.html in your browser.

More details can be found in Code Generation. Also, there are some rough notes on the specifics of translating WHLSL to SPIR-V.

Running the Tests

The WHSL source code is exposed as an ES6 Module.

To run the tests:

# Using JavaScriptCore
prompt> jsc -m Source/Test.mjs

# Using Node JS
prompt> node --experimental-modules Source/Test.mjs

Or, load Source/Test.html in your browser (assuming your browser supports ES modules, which most modern browsers do).