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A GitHub Api backed Milestone thingy

Local Setup

git clone
cd milestones
npm install
bower install
grunt serve

How it works

This is a static HTML5 app that loads issues from a repo right from the GitHub API.

The repo is currently hardcoded in src/js/app.js, but can easily be changed by changing repoUrl = '' as you like.

For performance reasons, the response to the GitHub API is cached locally. That way the app can be shown right after page load. Once the request is finished, the local cache gets updated and the app will be rerendered.

The app has a few assumptions on milestones, issues & labels of the repo.

  1. All Milestones set their owner in the first line of their description. The actual description is then separated by ---. Here is an example

    owner: gr2m
    Actual Description here
  2. All Milestones will be sorted alphabetically. You can prefix the milestone titles with numbers and a space, e.g. 01 My First Milestone. The 01 part will automatically be removed

  3. To mark an issue as active, add the active label.

  4. To add efforts to issues, create labels that must start with a number, like 1 easy or 3 hard. Add only one effort-label per issue.


  • allow to dynamically pass another github repo url
  • make it work offline

Fine Print

Milestones have been authored by Gregor Martynus, proud member of the Hoodie Community.

License: MIT


A Google GitHub backed Milestone thingy


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