CLI python script for conversion from one currency to another based on cached internet currency conversion sites
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Currency converter - task from kiwi

version 1.0

Program for conversion from one currency to another


  • smart internet connection and currency conversion sites response detection
    • currency conversion sites implemented:,
  • offline currencies sql database on disk
    • automatic offline database update on detection of new rates update from any implemented site
      • data_valid_utc is stored separately in txt file - faster then another sql database query
  • time effective conversion
    • tested on windows 64
      • w/o update offline database triggered : ~ 50 ms
      • else : ~ 1200ms
  • standard logger for logging
  • argparser for input argument parsing - help string autogeneration
  • manually tested
  • used modules:
    • pandas, sqlalchemy, redis, redisworks, requests, json
    • arrow, argparse
    • platform, socket, sys, time, pathlib, logging, pickle
  • using decorators: @staticmethod, @classmethod, @property
  • docstrings documentation for all used functions (i hope), nearly PEP8 compatible



  • --amount - amount which we want to convert - float
  • --input_currency - input currency - 3 letters name or currency symbol
  • --output_currency - requested/output currency - 3 letters name or currency symbol


  • json with following structure:
   "input": {
        "amount": <float>,
        "currency": <3 letter currency code>
    "output": {
        <3 letter currency code>: <float>

Trigger online update

  • to trigger offline sql disk database update from online cconversion sites
    • Declare global variable DEBUG with value including 'simulate_time'
      • This makes the [get_sites_states] function thing the time is 12 days in the future
      • Future date triggers the program to think new rates are available
    • Delete one or both files
      • db/rates_info.nfo = sql database valid_to date info
      • db/exchange_rates.db = sql database with offline rates


Not using these controversial tricks to get lower latency

[x] Immediate exchange rate json output after reading (from sql/redis)

  • implemented style: First the program tries to find out if the database should be updated
  • not implemented: First run the program returns json data from offline database
    • even if in second thread updating the database afterwards
    • user gets better response time, but the first time he calls, he can get outdated rates
      • we certainly do not want that on the first start after a long time (olddated sql database)
      • it can be implemented w/o further ado, but only if the server with redis is updated frequently

[x] database update

  • as I was naive and trusted something written on the internet page, I did not implement online rates database update retardation
  • for example now (09-04-2017 Sunday) the latest online rates database is from 07-04-2017, even they state it is updated daily around 15:00 CET
  • so if you encaunter the offline database is never used, it can be due to the fact the free currency sites update times can be sometimes missleading

Not implemented (yet) - future releases maybe

  • full redis support for rates
    • expire time - to the known time of next update from any implemented site
  • automatic selection of cconversion site dependent on offered currency codes conversion
    • e.g if CZK is not in the most fresh currency converter site - it will not be converted to/from
  • currency conversion rates from multiple sources in the offline database
    • e.g. if CZK is not in the selected most fresh currency converter site - it will not be converted to/from
  • generalization of currency conversion site to the point they can be generated by simple textual config
    • common CurrencyConverterSite class inheritance for every new conversion site
    • (working on it - almost functional - git branch common_ccs_class)
  • multithreading - load from database at start in different thread - use the data or not later
    • after finding the offline data are not fresh enough
  • CurrencySymbolConverter loading currency symbols conversions from a text file on disk (possibly slower)
  • automatic database update as a background service
    • would update sql database and redis automatically not needed to check every time the convert is triggered
  • automatic testing via asserts and node2 module
  • online conversion site rates database update retardation detection
    • e.g. detect when "daily" updated site is not updated for 3 days - do not try to contact it every time for the old data completely ignoring the valid data at the offline sql database
  • user input error autocorrection
    • suggestion of the textually nearest currency
    • another program argument for automatic nearest suggestion conversion
    • localisation of output / logger texts into other languages
  • modules to possibly use:
    • hiredis - can be 10 times faster on windows..
    • BeautifulSoup - for automatic currency symbol to currency code conversion from site