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For additional details, see this article in the k6 docs

What is this?

This is a template repository showing how to use webpack, babel and corejs to bundle a test project into a single test script which can be run by k6.

This means that you can write scripts using:

  1. node module resolution
  2. external node modules and getting them automatically bundled.
  3. --compatibility-mode=base, which does have performance benefits (1 2)

How to use it

# change main.js and package.json for your project
npm install .
npm run-script webpack

# local execution
k6 run build/app.bundle.js

# docker execution
docker run -v $(pwd)/build:/build loadimpact/k6 run /build/app.bundle.js 

To try out any of the other examples, just copy the content of your example file of choice into main.js


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