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I added some info about how to migrate gradually
Also fix the docker build for the tanka image. It is failing because the latest kustomize release is not actually kustomize, it's kyaml

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Grafana Tanka Logo

Website · Installation · Tutorial

Grafana Tanka

The clean, concise and super flexible alternative to YAML for your Kubernetes cluster

  • 💥 Clean: The Jsonnet language expresses your apps more obviously than YAML ever did
  • 📚 Reusable: Build libraries, import them anytime and even share them on GitHub!
  • 📌 Concise: Using the Kubernetes library and abstraction, you will never see boilerplate again!
  • 🎯 Confidence: Stop guessing and use tk diff to see what exactly will happen
  • 🔭 Helm: Vendor in, modify, and export Helm charts reproducibly
  • 🚀 Production ready: Tanka deploys Grafana Cloud and many more production setups

Let's kill some YAML together  

🚀 Getting started

To get started, install Tanka first, and then follow the tutorial. This should get you on track quickly.

👥 Community

There are several places to connect with the Tanka community:

Please don't ask individual project members or open GitHub issues for support requests. Use one of the above channels so everyone in the community can participate.

Furthermore, see LICENSE and GOVERNANCE.

📖 Additional resources

📝 License

Tanka is an open-source project ❤️. It is free as in beer and as in speech and this will never change.

Licensed under Apache 2.0, see LICENSE.