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Flexible, reusable and concise configuration for Kubernetes
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cezkuj and sh0rez feat(cli): allow to disable kubectl validation (#186)
Adds --validate flag to tk apply, to allow invoking kubectl without schema validation (kubectl apply --validate=false)

Fixes #115
Latest commit ba1a3af Jan 27, 2020

Grafana Tanka

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Tanka is a composable configuration utility for Kubernetes. It leverages the Jsonnet language to realize flexible, reusable and concise configuration.


  • 🔧 Flexible: The Jsonnet data templating language gives us much smarter ways to express our Kubernetes configuration than YAML does.
  • 📚 Reusable: Code can be refactored into libraries, they can be imported wherever you like and even shared on GitHub!
  • 📌 Concise: Using the Kubernetes library and abstraction, you will never see boilerplate again!
  • 🎯 Work with confidence: tk diff allows to check all changes before they will be applied and tk apply makes sure you always select the correct cluster. Stop guessing and make sure it's all good.
  • 🚀 Used in production: While still a very young project, Tanka is used internally at Grafana Labs for all of their Kubernetes configuration needs.
  • ❤️ Fully open source: This is an open-source project. It is free as in beer and as in speech and this will never change.

Getting started

To get started, install Tanka first, and then follow the tutorial. This should get you on track quickly.

Additional resources


Licensed Apache 2.0, see LICENSE.

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