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Graft Supernode (graft-ng)

Compiling Graft Supernode from Source


Due to gcc 7.3.0 being a hard requirement, we strongly recommend to use Ubuntu 18.04 as a build platform*

Dependency Min. Version Debian/Ubuntu Pkg Arch Pkg Optional Purpose
GCC 7.3.0 build-essential base-devel NO
CMake 3.10.2 cmake^ cmake NO
pkg-config any pkg-config base-devel NO
Boost 1.65 libboost-all-dev boost NO C++ libraries
OpenSSL basically any libssl-dev openssl NO
autoconf any autoconf NO libr3 dependency
automake any automake NO libr3 dependency
check any check NO libr3 dependency
PCRE3 any libpcre3-dev NO libr3 dependency
RapidJson 1.1.0 rapidjson-dev NO
Readline 7.0 libreadline-dev NO command line interface

[^] Some Debian/Ubuntu versions (for example, Ubuntu 16.04) don't support CMake 3.10.2 from the package. To install it manually see Install non-standard dependencies bellow.

Install non-standard dependencies

CMake 3.10.2

Go to the download page on the CMake official site and download sources (.tar.gz) or installation script (.sh) for CMake 3.10.2 or later.

If you downloaded sources, unpack them and follow the installation instruction from CMake. If you downloaded installation script, run following command to install CMake:

sudo /bin/sh --prefix=/opt/cmake --skip-license

If you don't want to download the installation script manually, you can simply run following command from the command line (it requires curl and you must accept license by yourself):

curl -s | bash -e

Prepare sources

Clone repository:

git clone --recurse-submodules

Build instructions

Linux (Ubuntu)

To build graft_server, please run the following commands:

mkdir -p <build directory>
cd <build directory>
cmake  <project root>

If you want to build unit test suit as well, run cmake with additional parameter:

mkdir -p <build directory>
cd <build directory>
cmake  <project root> -DOPT_BUILD_TESTS=ON
make all

Then execute graft_server_test to run the tests.

<build directory>/graft_server_test



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