A basic key-value store, repeated in C, Go, Python (basic, gevent, and diesel), Ruby (event machine), Java, Scala, Haskell, and NodeJS.
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Latest commit 7425ff4 Nov 2, 2012 @grahamking Merge pull request #13 from openaphid/master
Fix the Java version
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MemG.scala Added Scala implementation. Mar 21, 2012
Memg.java fix #12 Nov 2, 2012
em_memcached.rb Adding eventmachine implementation. Mar 25, 2012
memg-diesel.py Adding a diesel implemenation Mar 21, 2012
memg.c Now it's ok. Mar 28, 2012
memg.cabal fixed dependency versions Mar 22, 2012
memg.go Idiomatize Go. Thanks @surma Mar 25, 2012
memg.hs Added Haskell implementation Mar 22, 2012
memg_gevent.py Python server using gevent Mar 23, 2012