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Grakn Client for Python
Python Starlark
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Grakn Client for Python

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Client Architecture

To learn about the mechanism that a Grakn Client uses to set up communication with keyspaces running on the Grakn Server, refer to Grakn > Client API > Overview.

API Reference

To learn about the methods available for executing queries and retrieving their answers using Client Python, refer to Grakn > Client API > Python > API Reference.

Concept API

To learn about the methods available on the concepts retrieved as the answers to Graql queries, refer to Grakn > Concept API > Overview

Install Grakn Client for Python through Pip

pip install grakn-client

If multiple Python versions are available, you may wish to use

pip3 install grakn-client

In your python program, import GraknClient:

from grakn.client import GraknClient
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