This library allows to generate images of teeth for odontograms with tooth faces painted
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ImageTooth 2.0.0

ImageTooth is a library that provides programmers and users a simple way to generate images for odontograms. IT allows to choose between png or jpg images.

What Does ImageTooth Do?

Tooth image generation.

Together with the library there is a simple script that allows you to create the teeth images directly. A simple interface for painting teeth faces. All permutations generating.


First, you need to install the gem:

gem install imagetooth

Then, you can run the imagetooth command, like this:

imagetooth  --image wwwww.png --folder ./

This code generates an image where the filename's characters means:

  • w - White
  • g - Green
  • b - Blue
  • n - Black
  • r - Red

and are ordered, begining on the upper face of the the tooth and moving clockwise ending on the center face. [top][right][bottom][left][center].png wwwww.png

More examples

Generate a tooth with its top face painted with red:wwwww.png

imagetooth  --image rwwww.png --folder ./

Generate a tooth with its top face painted red and center one green:wwwww.png

imagetooth  --image rwwwg.png --folder ./

Generate a tooth with top face painted red, left one black and center one green:wwwww.png

imagetooth  --image rwwng.png --folder ./

All permutations with 5 faces and 5 colors (3125)

imagetooth --all  --folder images/

this code generates 3125 images that are separated within five folders images/w/ images/g/ images/b/ images/r/ images/n/