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Functional lenses on C++ (highly experimental).
C++ QMake
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C++ Lenses

This is an experimental functional lenses built on C++.


  • Infinite lenses chains.
  • to composition combinator to chain lenses well.
  • Not fully generic traversing of std::vectors and std::lists (alpha).
  • Macroses for autolenses.
  • set, view, over combinators.
  • Experimental not generic folding and toListOf, toVectorOf combinators.
struct Address
    std::string city;
    std::string street;
    int house;
    int flat;

struct Person
    std::string name;
    std::string surname;
    int age;
    Address address;

    std::vector<Car> cars;

struct Account
    Person person;
    std::string login;
    std::string password;

MK_LENS(Address, std::string, city)
MK_LENS(Address, std::string, street)
MK_LENS(Address, int, house)
MK_LENS(Address, int, flat)

MK_LENS(Person, std::string, name)
MK_LENS(Person, std::string, surname)
MK_LENS(Person, int, age)
MK_LENS(Person, Address, address)
MK_LENS(Person, std::vector<Car>, cars)

MK_LENS(Account, Person, person)
MK_LENS(Account, std::string, login)
MK_LENS(Account, std::string, password)

void lensTest()
    Account acc = getAccount();
    QVERIFY( == 20);
    QVERIFY(acc.person.address.street == "Brooklin");

    auto houseLens = personL() to addressL() to houseL();
    auto streetLens = personL() to addressL() to streetL();

    std::function<int(int)> modifier = [](int old) { return old + 6; };

    Account newAcc1 = lenses::set(streetLens, acc, std::string("Churchill's"));
    Account newAcc2 = over(houseLens, newAcc1, modifier);

    QVERIFY( == 20);
    QVERIFY(newAcc1.person.address.street == "Churchill's");
    QVERIFY( == 26);
    QVERIFY(newAcc2.person.address.street == "Churchill's");
    QVERIFY( == 20);
    QVERIFY(acc.person.address.street == "Brooklin");
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