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Composable monadic STM for C++ on Free monads
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C++ Software Transactional Memory library

Working library for Software Transactional Memory that is built using several FP techniques and modern C++17.

  • STM is monadic and combinatorial.
  • It is very robust due to purely functional design.
  • It is built on top of the custom Free monad.
  • It operates by custom ADTs.
  • It is usable despite it's experimental.


  • GCC 7.2

Tutorials and samples


  • Pass tvars to closures by copy.
  • Make retry satisfiable.


The simplest possible usage is int counter increment from different threads.


stm::STML<int> incrementCounter(const stm::TVar<int>& tCounter) {
    stm::STML<stm::Unit> modified =
            stm::modifyTVar<int>(tCounter, [](int i) { return i + 1; });

    return stm::bind<stm::Unit, int>(modified,
                     [&](const stm::Unit&){ return stm::readTVar<int>(tCounter); });


Context ctx;

stm::TVar<int> tCounter = stm::newTVarIO(ctx, 0);
int counter = stm::atomically(ctx, incrementCounter(tCounter));
std::cout << "Counter: " << counter << std::endl;

The Dining Philosopher Problem can be solved with STM elegantly. Here are the transactions for taking of forks:

stm::STML<stm::Unit> takeFork(const TFork& tFork) {
    return stm::withTVar<Fork, stm::Unit>(tFork, [=](const Fork& fork) {
       if (fork.state == ForkState::Free) {
           return stm::writeTVar<Fork>(tFork, Fork {, ForkState::Taken });
       else {
           return stm::retry<stm::Unit>();

stm::STML<stm::Unit> takeForks(const TForkPair& forks) {
    stm::STML<stm::Unit> lm = takeFork(forks.left);
    stm::STML<stm::Unit> rm = takeFork(forks.right);
    return stm::sequence(lm, rm);

Notice the retry combinator that marks some state illegal and makes the transaction to restart on case if fork was already taken.

To get more information, read the tutorial.

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