A faster and more social way to discover new music.
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Harmonic is a faster way of discover music with your social network. Swipe right to add a song to your playlist, left to discard it. Find out what your friends are listening to and share your music discoveries with them instantly.

See it live at goharmonic.com

Won 1st Place at Facebook's Northwestern Regional Hackathon 2014.

Built by


  • Heroku
  • Node/Express
  • Facebook API
  • Soundcloud API
  • Socket.IO
  • Redis
  • Mongodb
  • Leap Motion
  • Stylus
  • Jade
  • SVG
  • Redbull



GET /auth/facebook

If user has previously logged in then redirect to homepage with the flag success = true else flag is false.


GET /nextsong

Returns 5 next songs in the queue.

	tracks: [

POST /recommendsong

Send a song recommendation to a different user.


toUserFb - Facebook user ID of the person who the song is being recommended to songURL - SoundCloud URL of the song

Result: None. Just status code 200.

Playlist interaction:

Get all tracks in playlist

GET /playlist

(Requires authenticated user)


	"tracks": [url1, url2, ...]

Add song

POST /playlist

(Requires authenticated user)

Adds a song to the users playlist.

Form needed:

songURL: url of a soundcloud song


	'response' : 'OK'
	'user' : {...}

Remove song

DELETE /playlist

(Requires authenticated user)

Form needed:

songURL: url of a soundcloud song


	'response' : 'OK'
	'user' : {...}