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Web interface for browsing CPAN
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bin Merge branch 'master' of
history note lossless libx264 encoding command
html log dependency graph views
img_src add support for speakerdeck to social-icons
lib/CPAN add a sponsor link in bottom left corner
puppet tweak nginx server_names_hash_bucket_size config
t add tests for parsing of packages file
.gitignore first cut at rendering history animation frames
MANIFEST.SKIP initial skeleton courtesy of Dist::Zilla
README.markdown add a basic README
TODO Note queries for "who ++'d this module?"
dist.ini add missing dependency for JSON::XS



This repository hosts the source code for the web site. You can check it out and run it locally. It will eventually be packaged as a CPAN distribution to make installing the dependencies easier - they're currently listed in dist.ini.

The web site itself is a client-side Javascript app that talks to the site. The Javascript code loads some images and other data which are generated periodically as static files by the supplied Perl scripts.

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