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WARNING: This code is in very early stages of development.

This repository contains tools for running test scripts written in Javascript, using Perl's prove command. The Javascript runs inside of PhantomJS and uses a helper library to generate TAP output.

To run a .js file directly you can use the phantap script in the bin directory of this distribution:

phantap test-script.js

This does require some setup so use phantap --help for details (in particular, the 'CONFIG' section).

To run a set of .js files via prove:

prove -e phantap *.js

To run a set of test scripts that include both Perl (.t) files and Javascript (.js) files, you need to load the appropriate plugin and register handlers for the different file extensions:

prove --source Perl --ext .t --source PhanTAPJS --ext .js t/

It is possible to put commonly used options in your ~/.proverc file.