These are the original Signed Requests code samples for the Amazon Product Advertising API.
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Signed Requests Sample Code (for the Amazon Product Advertising API)

In covering the elusive Amazon Product Advertising API, I came across the defunct Sample Code & Libraries page that had links to numerous repositories and some compressed, archived code samples.

I tracked down what I could find of them and posted links in a blog post, but uploaded some of the code samples (which are still available to download, but nearly undiscoverable since the page referencing them is gone) here. They're fairly old at this point, so they may be of limited value, but they may be of use to someone trying to use the API (despite Amazon's best efforts at hiding it).


Since the original license for all of these is Apache License 2.0, I decided to apply it to the whole repo too. Anyway, that particular license allows one to "reproduce and distribute copies of the Work or Derivative Works thereof in any medium, with or without modifications" as long as the original license, and any "NOTICE" text files, remain in place.


I don't intend to modify these files, unless somehow the originals are modified (doubtful), as they're just here for archival purposes.