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Refinery provides consistent graph model generation by partial model refinement.

See the Refinery tutorial for more information.

Visit to try our Graph-Solver-as-a-Service supported by the 2022 Amazon Research Award.

Running locally

To generate larger models with a longer timeout, you can use our Docker container on either amd64 or arm64 machines:

docker run --rm -it -p 8888:8888

Once Docker pulls and starts the container, you can navigate to http://localhost:8888 to open the model generation interface and start editing.

Alternatively, you can follow the instructions in to set up a local development environment and compile and run Refinery from source.

Related publications

Tool demonstration

  • K. Marussy, A. Ficsor, O. Semeráth, D. Varró: “Refinery: Graph Solver as a Service” ICSE 2024 Demonstrations [doi] [pdf] [video]

Partial model specification language

  • K. Marussy, O. Semeráth, A. Babikian, D. Varró: A Specification Language for Consistent Model Generation based on Partial Models. J. Object Technol. 19(3): 3:1-22 (2020) [doi] [pdf] [video]

Consitent graph generation techniques

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Diverse and realistic graph generation

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Correctness proofs

  • D. Varró, O. Semeráth, G. Szárnyas, Á. Horváth: “Towards the Automated Generation of Consistent, Diverse, Scalable and Realistic Graph Models.” Graph Transformation, Specifications, and Nets 2018: 285-312 [doi] [pdf]


Copyright (c) 2021-2024 The Refinery Authors

Refinery is available under the Eclipse Public License - v 2.0.

Refinery complies with the REUSE Specification – Version 3.0 to provide copyright and licensing information to each file, including files available under other licenses. For more information, see the comments headers in each file and the license texts in the LICENSES directory.


Refinery: an efficient graph solver for generating well-formed models








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