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OpenStreetMap Blogs aggregator

This repository contains the list of feeds and the configuration required to generate the contents of


The system is built using the pluto feed aggregation software. You can install the requirements using bundler with:

bundle install

Initial build

Run the following command to build the site for the first time:

bundle exec pluto build -t osm -o build

The contents of the feeds is stored in an SQLite database in the file planet.db, which is kept out of git. The site will be built into the build folder using the osm template. These static pages can then be easily served using e.g. apache, nginx or similar. The configuration to do this for is available in the OSMF Chef repository

Subsequent updates

You can run the smaller update command, for example once per hour:

bundle exec pluto update

You need to run the build command each time there is an update of theme, or list of planet feeds.


The OSM theme is available in the theme folder, thus is available by default. You can check this by running

bundle exec pluto list

The theme was started by taking the blank template, and also merging in the feeds template

To update the CSS in the theme, update the Sass, as documented at the start of the relevant file.

Feed Policy

The policy of what feeds are suitable for inclusion, along with guidance on how to propose changes to the feeds list, is available in


The new feed aggregator for OpenStreetMap



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