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OpenStreetMap Promotional Leaflets



This repository contains the source files for an OSM flyer (in English) that was originally created by Frederik Ramm and contributors from the talk-de list in January 2008, and subsequently updated, translated, re-updated and re-translated over the years. This version was made by Andy Allan

All contents are in the public domain except for those derived from OSM which are CC BY-SA, and except for non-OSM logos.

The flyer is designed for DIN A7 as the final size (105mm high and 74mm wide), with 8 pages in a zig-zag ("Leporello") fold, and full colour printing.

The flyer was made with Inkscape; osmflyer1.svg and osmflyer2.svg are the front and reverse side.

Some notes in case you want to re-create something yourself:

  • berlin-background.png is basically a 4-year-old Osmarender rendering of Berlin, using a standard stylesheet but with all captions removed, and the resulting PNG file processed with the Gimp roughly like this:

    First convert to grayscale, then use colors->curves to narrow down contrast, then convert back to RGB, then use colors->colorify to give it a nice hue.

  • The cover globe image was made with Marble, the technique is roughly outlined here:

  • To generate the high-res png maps, use the following commands ~/src/nik2img/ -d 2479 1356 -z 14 -c -0.128056 51.508056 --scale-factor 3 ~/src/openstreetmap-carto/osm-carto.xml london.png ~/src/nik2img/ -d 1974 2902 -z 15 -c -3.19864 55.95 --scale-factor 3 ~/src/openstreetmap-carto/osm-carto.xml edinburgh.png


A design for printed OpenStreetMap Promotional Leaflets.



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