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What started in 2011 as a small and simple hobby project, known as Grepolis Report Converter (GRC),
kept growing over time to become GRCRT: Grepolis Report Converter Revolution Tools

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Table of contents

Script functions

GRCRT is offering a plethora of functions. Below are described the ones most commonly used.

BBCode Converter

Core function of the script. BBCode conversion makes sharing information just a few mouse clicks away.

What is it converting?

  • most of the reports (battle reports with revolt being stirred up, will show an additional strategic information about the upstirred city)
  • list of cities on an island
  • list of players in an alliance
  • troops movements
  • individual orders (in case of an incoming attack, also with units shown by "Wisdom" spell)
  • many more...

Where can the converted information be inserted?

  • in-game messages
  • in-game notes
  • in-game forums
  • external forums

What if BBcode is not suppoprted?

With GRCRT there is always a way to share a report ☺️. For places where BBCodes are not supported, script offers 2 alternative solutions:

  • convert to image
  • URL to an online copy of the report

Report Converter with Revolt

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Army Builder Helper

Makes queueing troops easier by optimising transfers of resources. Type of unit and desired amount can be set separatley for each city.

Army Builder Helper

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Also known as "town search", can find following (in a desired radius):

  • own cities
  • specific player's cities
  • specific alliance's cities
  • inactive player's cities
  • ghost towns (abandoned cities)
  • any city

Radar (Town search)

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City Wall

Source of information on lost/defeated units.

Also offering following functions:

  • storing the wall for the current moment (maximum 10 records)
  • comparison between saved records
  • conversion of displayed information
    • lost as an attacker
    • defeated as an attacker
    • lost as a defender
    • defeated as a defender
    • total of units lost/defeated
    • difference in units lost/defeated (since last or any chosen, saved, wall record)
    • no amounts, just icons
    • any combination of the above

Wall converter

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Academy Overview

Quick and easy glance on all of the Academies in all of the cities, with the possibility of starting/canceling researches.

Academy Overview

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Other functions

In addition to the above, script also provides:

  • inserting smileys in messages, notes and in-game forums (with the possibility of adding own emoticons)
  • audible signaling of an incoming attack (the source of which may also be a YouTube)
  • list of own cities, sorted by distance in relation to a given city
  • direct access to player/alliance/city statistics (displayed in an in-game window)
  • information on potentially inactive players (no points of attack and/or expansion)
  • recipes for game Events (Easter, Halloween etc)

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We've prepared instructional videos for some of the most popular web browsers.



Do you want to see your name here? Have a read on our contribution guidelines


GRCRT is released under the GPL v3 license.

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