Newly installed scripts' icons don't show #1535

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The script.icon.fileURL is using the wrong path.

niknah commented Apr 22, 2012

In RemoteScript.prototype.install

If you move this line to the end of the function...

GM_config.install(this.script, aOldScript);

Then the icon appears on install. Looks like script._basedir has not been set when the icon is initialized.


So, this was originally at the bottom, but moved up intentionally: 3caceb2. Finding the underlying cause will make the fix (taking that issue into account as well) easier, though. Thanks.

niknah commented Apr 23, 2012

GM_config.install causes it to read the icon's filename which reads script._basedir,
But that is null cause the script hasn't been moved to it's directory.


GM_config.install causes it to read the icon's filename

Yes, indirectly, via the ._changed(...) observer/callback that the addons manager registers. So this only happens while the AOM is open, and sees the callback immediately, before RemoteScript.install() finishes setting the value correctly.

@arantius arantius closed this in 638c2af Apr 23, 2012
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