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"Show Script Source" button doesn't work for first time #1609

Infocatcher opened this Issue Aug 24, 2012 · 8 comments

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  1. Restart Firefox
  2. Click or middle-click on any *.user.js link
  3. Click on "Show Script Source" button – nothing happens

Then click on "Cancel", click on user.js link second time, click on "Show Script Source" – works fine.
And no related errors or warnings in error console.


This sounds like the intentional effects of #1586 ? It just happens to download faster the second time when it's already in the cache.


Yes, looks very similar.
(I forgot about disabled disk cache on my test profile, so step 1 do "clear cache" for me.)
And I can't reproduce bug with small file.


I'm see issue with Greasemonkey 1.0 + latest Nightly and Firefox 14.0.1.


I think, something wrong with this._progress[0] from

  if (this._progress[0] < 1) {
    throw new Error('Script is not loaded!');

If I leave dialog opened (so script should become loaded), this._progress[0] are always 0.


Very strange.

DownloadListener.prototype = {
  // ...
  // nsIProgressEventSink
  onProgress: function(aRequest, aContext, aProgress, aProgressMax) {
    var progress;
    if (-1 == aProgressMax || 0 == aProgressMax
        || 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF == aProgressMax) {
      progress = 0
        .logStringMessage("-> 0");
    } else {
      progress = aProgress / aProgressMax;
    this._progressCallback(aRequest, progress);

Console output:
-> 0


RemoteScript.prototype._downloadFileProgress = function(
    aChannel, aFileProgress) {
  this._progress[this._progressIndex] = aFileProgress; // => 0

May be just temporarily disable *.user.js interaction and open original link?


I'm having a very difficult time following what you're saying. This happens to you for every script, or just some? Can you give me a link to at least one script where you observe this behavior?

And I can't reproduce bug with small file.

Small script, works: dirty.ru_title.user.js
Big script, always (if cache is empty) doesn't work: forum_code_highlighter.user.js


Not sure why yet, but I agree that the show script source button doesn't work as intended at that second URL you gave.

@arantius arantius closed this in e7d86d4 Aug 30, 2012
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