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Ubertooth 2018-12-R1 Release Notes

The Ubertooth host utilities in this release require libbtbb-2018-12-R1
( or


Uberducky triggering - Uberducky is a new project built on Ubertooth
hardware that acts like a USB Rubber Ducky. You can use a second
Ubertooth to trigger it to inject keystrokes using the ubertooth-ducky
command. See the Uberducky repo
for more info.

Spectrum Analyzer UI improvements - Thank you Steven Haussmann and
Andrew Browning!

Bug fixes - Improvements to ubertooth-btle's faux slave mode.

USB API version - As with the previous release, we are using USB API
versioning to improve the experience of failures due to mismatched
firmware and host code. As of this release, the USB API has been bumped
to 1.06. If the Ubertooth tools complain that your firmware is out of
date, please update your firmware. Updating firmware is simple and
reliable, please follow the instructions on the wiki
A release archive with precompiled firmware is available from


Build instructions are available from the wiki

As always, support is available via the Ubertooth-general mailing list or IRC.
Issues can also be reported via the GitHub issue tracker and pull requests are
always welcome.