Getting Help

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Asking Questions

If you have questions about using Ubertooth the first places to look are the FAQ and the mailing list archive.

If neither of these places hold the answer to your questions you should ask on the mailing list.

Many Ubertooth developers and users are available in #ubertooth on Please remember that we work across many timezones and you may need to wait some time for a response to your question.

Software Bugs

We use the GitHub issue tracker to log Ubertooth bugs. If the bug has previously been reported then adding detail is often helpful. If you believe that you have found a new bug, then please create a new issue and describe the bug in as much detail as possible.

When logging issues it is helpful for us to know the following:

  • Software version
  • Firmware version
  • Operating system and hardware (i.e. ARM, x86, etc) if known
  • Which command you were using
  • Expected output
  • Actual output
  • Any other details that may help us to reproduce the bug
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