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GREE Haskell test-sandbox

Build Status

This repository hosts the GREE Haskell collection of test-sandbox packages:

  • test-sandboxHackage version: A framework to start external applications in a controlled environment for system tests
  • test-sandbox-hunitHackage version: A wrapper around HUnit to write assertions in the Test.Sandbox monad
  • test-sandbox-quickcheckHackage version: Run QuickCheck property tests in the Test.Sandbox monad
  • test-framework-sandboxHackage version: Interface Test.Sandbox with the test-framework package
  • hspec-test-sandboxHackage version: Utilities for Hspec to write assertions in the Test.Sandbox monad

More details and examples can be found on the project page on github.

A full example project can be found here: GREE Flare system test suite.

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