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The edit (-E) feature requires an account with bot-flag permissions and OAuth owner-only consumer key/secrets
. If you already have a bot account and OAuth owner-only consumer keys/secrets skip to the last step.
. Obtain bot-flag from an administrator. Usually this is done through WP:BRFA
. Login to with the bot userid
. If the userid is new and doesn't have Confirmed user permissions, apply for it in two places:
enwiki: Wikipedia:Requests for permissions/Confirmed
meta :
. OAuth owner-only consumer registration:
. Check the box "This consumer is for use only by.."
. IP Ranges and Public RSA Key should be left empty
. Check the box for edit permissions
If you ever need to add/change permissions, the old key/secrets are discarded and new ones registered
. Add the provided Keys and Secrets to wikiget. Search wikiget.awk for 'OAuth credentials' shows where to add them.