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MPUDP Tunnel (User space MultiPath UDP)
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MultiPath Tunnel (Simpified user space MPUDP)



MultiPath Tunnel is a multipath UDP implementation in user space. Like MultiPath TCP, you can establish several connections from local to remote server.

MPTCP(MultiPath TCP) is a good idea to make network connection robust, but it only works on TCP. I was searching for MPUDP implementation but got nothing, so I write this tool.


                        .---- bridge server 1 ----.
                       /                            \
 Server A --- mpclient ------- bridge server 2 ------- mpserver --- Server B
                       \                            /
                        `---- bridge server 3 ----`

There are two server named Server A and Server B. The network connection between Server A and Server B is unstable (with high packet loss ratio). Thus, we like to establish an multipath tunnel between Server A and Server B, hoping the connection between Server A and Server B become more stable (decrease packet loss ratio).

mpclient is the client part of mptunnel, it could be run on ServerA. You must tell mpclient the information of bridge servers. Once mpclient is started, it open a local UDP port for listen, forward any packet to/from bridge servers.

mpserver is the server part of mptunnel, it could be run on ServerB. You must tell mpserver the information of Server B. Once mpserver is started, it will forward any packet to/from Server B.

Bridge servers is simple, it only forward packets from mpclient to mpserver, or packets from mpserver to mpclient. You can use nc or socat to deploy a bridge server.


I want to connection to my OpenVPN server, but the connection is unstable, packet loss ratio is high. The TCP throughput over the OpenVPN tunnel is very small due to high packet loss ratio. To increase TCP throughput (decrease packet loss ratio), I can run a MPUDP to OpenVPN server and establish OpenVPN connection on it.

OpenVPN is listen on UDP port 1194, I run mpserver on OpenVPN server like this:

mpserver 2000 1194

On local, run mpclient:

mpclient mpclient.conf

Below is the content of mpclient.conf 4000 4000 4000 is the IP of OpenVPN server. It's okay to use it as a bridge server.

On each bridge server, use socat to forward packet:

socat udp-listen:4000 udp4:

Bridge server will listen on UDP port 3001, forward any recieved packet to, and vice versa.

Now I make OpenVPN client to connect localhost:3000 which mpclient listening on, then OpenVPN will establish an OpenVPN connection over MultiPath UDP tunnel.


  • mptunnel add some control information into packets, including synchronous information. mpserver and mpclient must be start at the same time. If mpclient or mpserver terminated, you have to restart both mpserver and mpclient to reestablish the tunnel.

  • Currently you can only specify signle target host. Any one knows is there any C library of SOCKS5 proxy? I think making mpclient as a SOCKS proxy server will make it more easy to use.

  • mptunnel encrypt packets defaultly, but it will decrease the throughput. I do some tests on my PC with Athlon II P320 Processor, the actual throughput is 3Mbps while using three tunnels, after I disable encryption the throughput increase to 300Mbps. If you dont't like mptunnel to encrypt packets, set environment variable MPTUNNEL_ENCRYPT=0


To compile mptunnel, these libraries are required:

  • libev


mlvpn, A similar solution for multipath UDP.

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