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Using This Fork

A couple of things have changed in this fork. If you’re already using the github Mylyn connector or if you would like to try it out, here’s what you’ll need to do.

This is a forked repository. Have a look at
smilebase’s org.eclipse.mylyn.github wiki
for more information.


Installation can be performed from an update site or from source.

Using an Update Site

Installing using an update site is the recommended method. To install select Help → Install New Software from the Eclipse menu and use the following update site: http://dgreen99.github.com/org.eclipse.mylyn.github/site

From Source

Get the codebase from this fork into Eclipse, right click on /org.eclipse.mylyn.github_site/site.xml and select PDE Tools → Build Site. Then point Ecilpse via Help → Install New Software at the newly created update site, and install it. Restart Eclipse when asked to do so.


If you’ve got an existing github Task Repository configured in Mylyn, you’ll need to open it up from the Task Repositories view and change the repository URL. It was probably http://www.github.com and will need to be changed to http://www.github.com/user/project.

If you haven’t already configured a Task Repository for github, please do so via the Task Repositories view.

Press Validate Settings to make sure that it works.

What’s New

  • support for creating new tasks
  • support for editing task title and body
  • open/close issues within the task editor
  • support for multiple github projects (via multiple Task Repository entries in the Task Repositories view)
  • queries on any status (not just open or closed)
  • queries can only query on the issue repository of one project
  • support for username/password that don’t correspond to the owner of the github project


This is a work in progress and there are some known issues, and probably some unknown ones too. Feel free to create issues in the issue tracker


My experience with this project, GitHub, Eclipse and EGit: Good Things Come In Threes