Tool for scraping the arch wiki and keeping a local version updated
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This is a work in progress

build-arch-wiki (bin/make.js) scrapes the Arch Wiki TOC, converts articles to markdown and puts them in ./content or the -t target directory. It also accepts a custom wiki TOC link but right now almost everything is hardcoded for the Arch Wiki.

sync-arch-wiki (bin/sync.js) scrapes the Arch Wiki recent changes and updates the ./content or -t target local wiki copy with the changes since the latest sync.

arch-wiki-md-repo is the result of running this using custom scripts and a few cron jobs.

arch-wiki-man uses these modules for browsing and displaying in man the whole wiki on the command line.

Theoretically this could be updated to take any wiki but probably the code would have to be optimized first.

Licensed under GPLv3