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My Personal Kanban (MPK)

This is a small and simple in-browser application that aspire to be offline Personal Kanban board.

It is a single page JavaScript application with very basic functionality.


You can get latest release zip at this link. Lastest version is 0.8.0 and includes new features.

How to use it?

Download the applicaton distribution zip file, unzip it at your prefered location, open index.html page in your browser and your done.

There is no need to be connected to Internet to use it. You can run it in any modern browser. The application will store your data in Web Browser's local storage, so you will not loose it.


The functionality is very simple and basic. For a short screencast demo you can navigate to Github pages .

Kanban boards with 2 to 10 columns, name columns and delete kanban.

You can add cards to columns and drag them between columns as well as remove them.

Adding Themes

Themes are just a simple CSS files. They should be put in the styles/themes folder. New Theme should be added to scripts/themes.js file. Also, a Theme image (jpg) can be placed in img/themes folder. Name of the image should be the same as the css attribute in the themes.js file.

A bit of history

I started this little project 2 years ago when I decided to familiarise myself with HTML5, Pure JavaScript and CSS.

I used jQuery with QUnit for JavaScript TDD testing.

I managed to get it to a workable state and stop developing it.

After first public release not too long ago, I decided to rewrite it in Angular.

This application is the result of me doing so, while attempting to learn Angular at the same time :)

Want to help?

If you want to help me with styling or anything else, please do get in touch.

Any issues, raise it on github.


This is a one page HTML/JavaScript application for people who would like to use simple and basic Kanban board for their personal stuff




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