building resumes using Restructured Text
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rst2resume - Resumes using Restructured Text (rst)


  1. Install Python, understand how to use the cli. On OSX, this is built in.
  2. git clone
  3. pip install docutils
  4. copy files from the example directory, season to taste
  5. edit resume.html as you see fit. Main things:
    1. add .. class:: pagebreak before sections that need a pdf page break
    2. add/remove extra classes if you need more styles
  6. add/remove styles in style.css as you like
  7. On OSX, I use the makeit script. Look at it if you want to see the actual commands. They should be installed by default.

Known Problems

  1. Webkit does poorly with the page and other 'css -> print' media formatting directives.
  2. Automating the makeit bits is a little thin/hard/impossible.

See further discussion: