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@@ -34,6 +34,26 @@ two weeks, that were wrong and they should have never sent:
- patch 1, 3-10, number 2 never showed up
..... (steal from other talk)
+List of things from one Linaro developer sent me over the past month:
+ - 10 patch series with one sentance description for the whole series, saying what it did, but no idea why it is needed.
+ - half of the patches didn't even build
+ -
+ - second round of 10 patch series with no description as to what changed
+ - random patches sent that replaced individual patches in this series, with no numbering as to which one it was
+ - third resend of patches without any ordering specified
+ - fourth resend of patches, described as second version.
+ - insisted that two of these patches HAD to be applied for 3.9-rc1
+ - I applied them based on someone's comments I trusted.
+ - required follow-on patch to actually work properly
+ - subsystem maintainer returned from vacation, noticed the patches did not
+ work at all, I had to revert all 3 1 day before 3.9-rc1 merge window opened up.
+- End result, I will not accept patches from this developer at all.
These were obvious things.
It is in my self-interest to ignore your patch

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