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A simple framework for creating distributed functional tests. This library aims to be for distributed functional tests what unittest libraries are for unit tests. It provides equivalent of test scenarios, runners, initializers and dealocators in such a way that it is easy to configure new testing environment, generate a report etc.

It is better than using bash/python scripts for such tasks, because:

  • Changing testing environment or parameters is as easy as changing a few lines of configuration.
  • dfuntest uses statically typed language - making sure your tests only fail when the actual code tested fails and not, because test scripts are buggy.
  • Using Java makes it easy to write nontrivial testing scenarios.
  • Allows you not to worry about how to correctly set up environment when writing each test.


dfuntest is available in central Maven repository under following credentials:

groupId: me.gregorias
artifactId: dfuntest
version: 0.6.1

dfuntest architecture is based on easily implementable interfaces, some of which are provided by dfuntest and others need to be implemented to fit into project's idiosyncrasies.

Interface architecture

To use dfuntest you need to first prepare your project:

  • Define your own EnvironmentPreparator, ApplicationFactory which prepare environment on which your application is run.
  • Write App implementation which acts as a proxy to your application's interface.
  • For each test scenario write a TestScript.
  • Run tests using available TestRunners or define your own.

Running Example package

There is a simple example project in me.gregorias.dfuntest.example. It shows a simple distributed application which is testable by dfuntest. To, for example, run all prepared test scripts on 5 instances on local machine perform the following:

cd example
./gradlew build copyRuntimeDependencies
cp ./build/libs/example.jar ./dfuntest-example.jar
java -jar dfuntest-example.jar --env-factory local --config-file \

This should end successfully and download logs to report_TIMESTAMP directory.

Advanced usage is explained in javadocs.


dfuntest uses gradle with java plugin for typical java build operations.

./gradlew build

builds entire project, tests it and packages it.

./gradlew uploadArchives

publishes artifacts to maven repository. Note that this requires a valid PGP key and credentials to Before uploading set proper version number in build.gradle.


This package was created as an effort to simplify the work of a test writer in Nebulostore project while ensuring that those test will properly catch errors and generate useful reports.


Simple framework for building functional tests in a distributed environment.







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