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TDA452 Functional Programming
Lab Group 19 (Gregor Ulm, Benjamin Liebe)
Lab 4: Game of the Amazons

How to build and run

The project can be build using "cabal install".
(tested on Haskell Platform, Windows).

Alternatively, the file src/Main.hs can be run in GHCi, calling "main" will
start the game loop.
The executable can be started with no parameters, then it starts with a
blank board. It is also possible to specify the name for a board file,
which is loaded upon start of the game.

Some example boards to load can be found in doc/examples

How to build documentation

The definitions are described with Haddock comments. A HTML description of
them can be created using the following command:

  > cabal --executable haddock

The documentation can then be found in dist/doc/html/amazons/...

How to play the game

White and Black enter their moves sequentially.
A move is entered in two steps:

  Step 1: Move an amazon by entering from-to coordinates (e.g. "d1 d2").
          The movable amazons are marked red.
  Step 2: Shoot an arrow by entering target coordinate (e.g. "d9").
          The valid targets are marked red.
Prompt: White's move (from, to):
Input:  d1 d2

Prompt: White's target:
Input:  d1

Prompt: Black's move (from, to):
[... and so on ...]

How to run QuickCheck properties

QC properties can be executed by running src\QC.hs in GHCi and calling "main"