A temporary copy (not really a fork) of the NuGet package management system. Contains changes to make NuGet work on Mono.
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A temporary copy of the NuGet mercurial repository at codeplex

This copy exists because some of the changes necessary to make NuGet (default branch) run on Mono cannot be submitted upstream (as they are merely work-arounds for assemblies missing on Mono). Until the missing assemblies/classes are implemented I plan to put the Mono-specific changes here and if any of them turn out to be useful for the upstream, I will submit them there as well.

All the Mono stuff lives in the 'mono' branch of this repository. The 'master' branch holds some changeset from the main NuGet mercurial repository.


Currently you should not try to compile the NuGet.sln solution since it will fail on some projects.

I haven't tried compiling the package with MonoDevelop, so your mileage my vary there. I used Mono's xbuild command with Mono from the master branch to compile the projects mentioned below.

Note that a few NuGet projects are configured to treat warnings as errors. Therefore in order to compile them, you should use the command below:

xbuild /property:TreatWarningsAsErrors=false projectfile.csproj

Alternatively in the top directory of the mono branch there exists a build script (build.sh) which will build all the projects which are usable on Mono now.

What works?

NuGet consists of a number of separate projects, not all of which can be used on Linux. The state of components is outlined below. If a component isn't mentioned in this document it means it either has not been tested yet or that it does not work at all. Subsection titles correspond to project names under the src directory in NuGet sources.


Compiles without problems, client command runs so at this point it is assumed that the core works correctly with Mono


Mostly seems to work fine with the following exceptions:

  •  Commands/ProjectFactory.cs
     Had to disable compiling of this file since it relies on the **Microsoft.Build** assembly which isn't
     implemented by Mono yet.
  •  The 'pack' command (Commands/PackCommand.cs)
     It will work if you build your package from a _.nuspec_ file, fail if you attempt to build a project
     file (_.csproj_, _.vbproj_ etc)

Tested commands:

  •  list
  •  install
  •  pack


Downloads NuGet.exe without problems.