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The Selenium Simple Grid is a Node.js implementation of the popular Selenium Grid.
I got sick of trying to figure out how to extend the original Selenium Grid in order to get it to do some simple stuff and decided to see if it was possible to do this in a much simpler way.
It only took about 50 lines of Node.js code to get the same behavior - the only part I did not implement was the registration mechanism. It does not add much value for the added complexity.
Anyway, now we have a much, much more maintainable and extensible selenium grid. Enjoy it.


I assume you have git installed on your system.

1. Install node.js.
2. Get the source code of the project from git://
3. Install all the dependencies with "npm install" started at the root of the project.
4. Configure the initially available selenium servers (nodes) in the file. 
   You can always add more using the web GUI.
5. Run with "coffee"
    5a. Alternatively you can first compile the sources with "coffee -c ." 
        started from the root of the project and then start the hub with 
        "nodejs app.js" from the root of the project.


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