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0.18.2 (current version)

  • Design: reduce the borders everywhere and flatten controls items.
  • Fix: key selection, the keys' gain/pan sliders were stay locked sometimes.
  • Fix: pattern change synth, when a pattern was moved to another synth, the sound was not following instantaneously.
  • Fix: cloning a pattern with the same name of another one is now ok.


  • Pianoroll: Able to link keys together to perform a same noise with gain, pan and frequency variations!
  • Help: add a link to this help/tutorial page.


  • Possibility to load a composition via .../daw/#cmp=https://.../
  • Patternroll: The loop selection is now savable and undo/redoable.
  • Pianoroll: fix, gain/pan/duration default value are reset when a pattern is open.


  • CSS: adjust the min/max panels size.
  • Fix: no more issue with offset while rendering.


  • Ctrl+B to copy-paste the current selection.
  • Render popup: a popup to handle the rendering.
  • Fix: several fix.
  • A sign-up Google form (before the future database).


  • Pianoroll: able to set a gain/pan specific to each key.
  • Patterns list: able to delete the last pattern.
  • Fix: handle old compositions.


  • Piano/patternroll: able to change the grid-magnetism precision.
  • Pianoroll + patternroll: full rewrite, native scroll, better rect-selection behaviour.
  • Audio scheduler: full rewrite, a full inner streaming increase the performance.
  • Patterns list: clicking a pattern doesn't preview it anymore.
  • Synthesizer: add a tiny default gain envelope to avoid the *clicking*
  • About popup: the version-check is now done after clicking a specific link.
  • Fix: a bug related to the pattern selection has been fixed.


  • Synthesizer: add 18 custom periodicWaves (via lukehorvat/web-audio-oscillators).
  • Pianoroll: possibility to play keys directly with the keyboard (no record feature yet).
  • About: add a popup with all the GridSound's links (Twitter, Patreon, etc.).
  • UI: move the version number into the About's popup.


  • A rewrite of one of synthesizer's subpart: gsuiOscillator.
  • Don't fail if we load a composition while playing another.

Feedback on /r/programming


  • Synthesizer: possibility to create different synthesizers, with different patterns.
  • Pianoroll: fix #30.
  • Shortcuts: the Alt or Ctrl keys can be used for all the shortcuts #29.
  • UX: add CSS cursor feedback while resizing the panels #28.
  • Controls: the pattern and the main grid are now playing in loop by default.


  • Synthesizer: Keep the oscillators order while undo/redoing.
  • Help: Add explications in the shortcuts popup.
  • Fix: No more bug when we render a composition while playing it.


  • Synthesizer: A new panel which contains the synthesizer.


  • Fix: Keyboard shortcuts.
  • Settings: A tap button in the settings-popup to set a precise BPM.


  • Help: Add a popup to show all the keyboard/mouse shortcuts.
  • Shortcuts: Change many keyboard shortcuts, Ctrl+Z become Alt+Z etc. to a better cross-compatibility.
  • Fix: Add/fix some grid events for Mac users (scroll horizontal).
  • Fix: No more problem after resizing the app.


  • Controls: Add a master volume slider to control the output gain tab feedback without impacting the rendering.
  • Fix: No more problem when rendering with the feedback loop enabled.
  • Remove our Gratipay link (RIP) :(
  • Add a link to our Patreon page :)

Feedback on /r/webdev


  • A New button (Alt+N) to start a new composition.
  • A Open button (Ctrl+O) to allow loading a composition by a local file or with an URL.


  • .json and .txt files are now accepted as a .gs composition file.
  • Fix a bug when we drop a composition file into the main sample grid.

Feedback on /r/coolgithubprojects


  • When we stop the cursor will be at loopA if present instead of 0.
  • Fixes around play/stop/loop when we change the pattern or preview a pattern.


  • The feedback loop while playing is now finally ready :)


  • Ctrl + A, select all the blocks of the selected grid.
  • Ctrl + D, deselect all the selected blocks of the selected grid.
  • At the launch of GridSound, the piano roll is now showing the middle of the keyboard.


  • Add two more octaves in the low frequencies (for the moment there are not so heardable).
  • Improve the switch/focus between the grids.
  • Fix a bug event in the settings popup.
  • Link the version number to this changelog.
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