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Code to generate a JSON file hierarchy for jQuery UI's jsTree.
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An introduction will be proposed later.


If you have Python installed and wish to get the package directly from the Python Package Index, just run pip install jstree from the command-line. If you already have a prior version installed, just run pip install jstree -U instead.


Please help contribute to this project by going to the GitHub Project Repository and doing one of a few things:

  • send me pull requests through the github interface
  • point me directly to your git repo so I can pull changes
  • send bug reports and feature requests by filing them under the Issues tab at the top


>>> import jstree
>>> node = jstree.Node('a', None)
>>> print node
Node({'text': 'a', 'children': MutableDictionaryObject({})})
>>> print node.jsonData()
{'text': 'a'}

>>> import jstree
>>> node = jstree.Node('a', 1)
>>> print node
Node({'text': 'a', 'children': MutableDictionaryObject({}), 'li_attr': DictionyObject({'id': 1}), 'id': 1})
>>> print node.jsonData()
{'text': 'a', 'id': 1, 'li_attr': {'id': 1}}

>>> import jstree
>>> node = jstree.Node('a', 5, icon="folder", state = {'opened': True})
>>> print node
Node({'text': 'a', 'id': 5, 'state': DictionaryObject({'opened': True}), 'children': MutableDictionaryObject({}), 'li_attr': DictionaryObject({'id': 5}), 'icon': 'folder'})
>>> print node.jsonData()
{'text': 'a', 'state': {'opened': True}, 'id': 5, 'li_attr': {'id': 5}, 'icon': 'folder'}

>>> import jstree
>>> paths = [jstree.Path("editor/2012-07/31/.classpath", 1), jstree.Path("editor/2012-07/31/.project", 2)]
>>> print jstree.JSTree(paths).pretty()

>>> import jstree
>>> paths = [jstree.Path("editor/2012-07/31/.classpath", 1), jstree.Path("editor/2012-07/31/.project", 2)]
>>> t = jstree.JSTree(paths)
>>> d = t.jsonData()
>>> print d
[{'data': 'editor', 'children': [{'data': '2012-07', 'children': [{'data': '31', 'children': [{'data': '.classpath', 'metadata': {'id': 1}}, {'data': '.project', 'metadata': {'id': 2}}]}]}]}]
>>> print d[0]['children'][0]['children'][0]['children'][1]
{'data': '.project', 'metadata': {'id': 2}}
>>> print d[0]['children'][0]['children'][0]['children'][1]['data']
>>> print d[0]['children'][0]['children'][0]['children'][1]['metadata']['id']
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