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Failed unmounting /lib/live/mount/medium AKA /run/live/medium #109

jkirk opened this issue Dec 14, 2018 · 14 comments

Failed unmounting /lib/live/mount/medium AKA /run/live/medium #109

jkirk opened this issue Dec 14, 2018 · 14 comments


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@jkirk jkirk commented Dec 14, 2018

While booting the latest daily image a FAILED error message can be seen for a split of a second. I managed to take a screenshot by pausing the VM via VirtualBox:

screenshot from 2018-12-14 10-42-05

  Failed unmounting /lib/live/mount/medium.
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@mika mika commented Dec 14, 2018

So this doesn't seem to be deterministic but hits only once every few boots. :(

With my latest live-boot(-grml) package (not yet uploaded!) it's:

[  OK  ] Unmounted /lib/live/mount/medium.
[FAILED] Failed unmounting /run/live/medium.
@mika mika mentioned this issue Dec 14, 2018
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@mika mika commented Dec 20, 2018

FTR, this problem was also noticed during shutdown. Still unsure why it's not always present.

@mika mika mentioned this issue Dec 30, 2018
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@pilebones pilebones commented Oct 14, 2019

+1 I see this message on the latest stable version using grml2iso to build an ISO with provided custom scripts. But this message is displayed at startup and shutdown.

One boot to another, this error occurred or not, and in case of error, we cannot run scripts because the mount point is not available.

See my boot args passed to grml2iso: noshell noblank nowelcome quiet console=ttyS0,115200n8 startup=/lib/live/mount/medium/scripts/install-bootdisk.bash

And the ISO overlay is:

├── bootdisk.img
└── scripts
    └── install-bootdisk.bash

How to fix this behavior ?

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@mika mika commented Oct 15, 2019

@pilebones the issue you're seeing is something that we reported as grml/live-boot-grml#10 and was taken of e.g. in grml/grml-live@70a5830 within grml-live.

The current daily ISOs (see shouldn't be affected by this bug anymore. A stable release which includes those bugfixes is planned for Q4/2020 (hopefully we'll find the time to work on this, fingers_crossed, no promisses yet though). Please let us know whether your issue is fixed as well there (I'm pretty sure BTW, since I took care of this for a customer of mine who had the same issue you reported).

@jkirk + myself: we should verify whether this issue is still present with nowadays Grml ISOs.

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@jkirk jkirk commented Oct 23, 2019

We just verified this today. Still an issue.

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@pilebones pilebones commented Oct 25, 2019

Thank you for your feedback @mika and @jkirk .

I found a workaround to run my script at startup anyway, dirty but it works:
I launch directly from directory before mounting.
A remaining point in my case, I can't build ISO from small GRML image (grml2iso fail) to reduce the size of the generated ISO, but with full image it's ok. But this issue isn't related to this one.

In my case I really need to be in a stable environment, so I didn't verify in the daily build.
Good luck for the development of the future stable release.

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@mika mika commented Oct 25, 2019

@pilebones ha, actually a nice trick with the startup=... 👍

A remaining point in my case, I can't build ISO from small GRML image (grml2iso fail) [...]

Could you please expand on this one, I'd be interested in knowing what's wrong here, sounds like a bug we should look into?

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@pilebones pilebones commented Oct 28, 2019

No problem @mika , see the error occurred from output when I tried to make ISO from small image:

Building an ISO for auto-installer [...] ...
Executing grml2usb version
Using ISO ./grml64-small_2018.12.iso
Specified device is a directory, therefore not mounting.
Identified grml flavour "grml64-small".
Copying files. This might take a while....
rsync: read errors mapping "/tmp/grml2iso.tmp/grml2usbphBokJ/live/grml64-small/grml64-small.squashfs": Input/output error (5)
rsync: read errors mapping "/tmp/grml2iso.tmp/grml2usbphBokJ/live/grml64-small/grml64-small.squashfs": Input/output error (5)
ERROR: grml64-small.squashfs failed verification -- update retained.
rsync error: some files/attrs were not transferred (see previous errors) (code 23) at main.c(1183) [sender=3.1.1]
Fatal: could not install /tmp/grml2iso.tmp/grml2usbphBokJ/live/grml64-small/grml64-small.squashfs
Cleaning up before exiting...
Build failed
Makefile:4: recipe for target 'build' failed
make: *** [build] Error 1

This issue is known ?

@mika mika changed the title Failed unmounting /lib/live/mount/medium Failed unmounting /lib/live/mount/medium AKA /run/live/medium Jun 24, 2020
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@mika mika commented Jun 24, 2020

This is still an issue, most current version reads as (quoting from #150):

run-live-medium.mount: Mount process exited, code=exited, status=32/n/a
Failed unmounting /run/live/medium
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@behoffski behoffski commented Nov 2, 2020

I'm rolling my own Grml installation, mainly to add Lua, LuaRocks, selected Rocks,
and a script that can handle race conditions (e.g. by filesystem UUID matching)
when there's a difference in the order disk drives appear/are named when booting.

I'm currently usign two small partitions for UEFI and MBR Grub (2) boot... these
seem to be fairly settled.

However, I'm using two partitions for Grml -- GRML-Image, and GRMLCFG.
I would like to merge these two partitions. However, upon reading the on-line
grml-autoconfig(1) documentation, it sags that the Grml image is mounted at
"/lib/live/mount/medium/". As others above in this thread have noted, it is now
located at "/run/live/medium/".

If I merge my autoconfig resources (mainly debs/ and scripts/) into the "Image"
partition, get rid of the separate "GRMCFG" partition, and relabel the "GRML-Image"
partition to "GRMLCFG", the autoconfig operations stop working.

[My suspicions are that the autoconfig finds the GRMLCFG partition, and tries
to mount it, but, because it is already mounted, and the autoconfig attempt is not
a bind mount, it fails. grml-autoconfig should be changed to search for config
material at the changed mount point.]

I'm using Lua quite extensively to programmatically (sp?) generate the images,
and the subset of Rocks is chosen to help backup administration scripting. I'd
be happy to share them with the Grml team at some point, and would be very
happy if some/all of the Lua+LuaRocks+Rocks stuff ended up in a future
standard Grml release. (All components have MIT licensing, as is the norm for
the wider public-facing Lua ecosystem.)

[Signed: s.b. etc]

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@snoopyjc snoopyjc commented Nov 6, 2020

I'm getting this error consistently running gParted to partition my VirtualBox after changing the disk size slider

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@mika mika commented Nov 13, 2020

@behoffski I'm not exactly sure what you're asking for here, to be honest. :) Are you saying that the GRMLCFG feature itself isn't working for you? Or just that your special use case is broken? Do you have any steps to reproduce for us? BTW, your grml-autoconfig code/packages seems to be out of date, because recent documentation should only refer to /run/live/medium (I noticed that was out of date though and while at it took care of updating it :)).

@snoopyjc I sadly don't really understand what you're doing and how you're triggering this issue. I'd be very interested in reproducing this though, do you have any steps for us how to reproduce it?

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@mika mika commented Mar 12, 2021

So when running qemu-system-x86_64 -m 2048 -cdrom ./grml64-small_2020.06.iso I noticed in journalctl:

run-live-medium.mount: Failed to connect stdout to the journal socket, ignoring: No such file or directory
run-live-medium.mount: Mount process exited, code=exited, status=32/n/a
Failed unmounting /run/live/medium

Maybe this gives us a hint related to the issue we're seeing here.

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